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Powered by machine learning, SearchSG's search engine crawls over 50 major government websites to deliver the most relevant search results to you in seconds.


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View search suggestions as you type to help you make a better search.

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Spend less time browsing search results, more time on important information and services.

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When you search with questions, the Answer Snippet feature allows you to see suggested answers extracted from government website pages, so you can save time finding information.

Search across all government websites

Search all of government to find compiled information, grants, facts and services across multiple government agencies.

Inclusive search experience for diverse needs

SearchSG is built with screen reader users in mind, according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) international standard. We are continuously making your search experience more accessible for diverse needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SearchSG provides relevant government website search results with our AI-powered engine which will learn and increase relevance of search results over time. People using government websites powered by SearchSG can expect faster performance, more relevant and up-to-date search results with a cleaner and mobile-responsive design.
No, you do not need an account when using SearchSG. SearchSG is free for people in Singapore to use in all Singapore government websites.
You can give feedback on SearchSG through our feedback form, or you can sign up as a beta tester.
Tell us about the error in this form and we will look into it for you.